First reviews of the album BLIK

The album BLIK with my septet Radio Bévort was released on May 11th 2020 and it has already been reviewed several times. Here are small samples from the 3 first reviews:

“Whether she creates melodic ballads or rather complex compositions Bévort is a highly fascinating, comprehensive, focused and mature artists.” – Ivan Rod, Gaffa, May 11th 2020

“Radio Bévort surprises with an intensely clear and refined sample of modern jazz from the highly creative North” – Bernard Lefèvre, Jazzhalo May 8th 2020

”The music is narrative and imaginative. Spend some time with this music. The music deserves it – and so do you.” – Niels Overgård, Jazznyt, May 12th 2020

BLIK – new single and album

In January 2020 me and my septet Radio Bévort made a new live studio recording.
On april 14th 2020 we release the single BLIK
On may 11th 2020 we release the full album BLIK.
We are looking so much forward. The album is recorded at Thomas Vangs the Village Studios in Vanløse, Copenhagen. A wonderful and well equipped studio.
Here you can hear a snippet of the beautiful ballad BLIK, tenor saxophone, composition and arrangement by me, Pernille Bévort. (A video teaser)
Links to the single you now find under discography.

Radio Bévort recommended

On the site POV the author Per Vadmand looks back on the year 2019 within jazz and he recommends his readers to listen to different selected Danish ensembles – including my septet Radio Bévort. (January 2020).
He writes that he hopes the jazz clubs will find place for us in their programs in the future.
I share that hope.
You can see the whole article here (In Danish)

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