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First full review of our coming trio-album.
(Bévort 3 Live 2020-2021 – release 18.feb. 2022)

Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz 23. januar 2022:

” Bévort is essentially a composer who improvises, with melodic and rhythmic lines serving as both points of departure and guiding lights along the way.”

“Bévort’s regular rhythm team of bassist Morten Ankarfeldt and drummer Espen Laub von Lillienskjold provide finely attuned accompaniment to the saxophonist’s rhythmically supple, melodically framed forays.”

“what is most striking about this impressive live set is just how distinctive her own voice is, even when drawing upon a time-honored lingua franca.”

Bévort 3: Live 2020-2021 album review @ All About Jazz

Beautiful review – All About Jazz

Our new trio album ‘On Fire’ just received a beautiful review from Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz:
“The saxophonist’s catchy heads are a springboard for her improvisations, as on the cantering opener “LOOZE,” where she serves early notice of both her formidable technique and the alluring storytelling craft common to the best improvisors.”

“Bévort tends to make every note count, striving for emotional effect over more facile pyrotechnic display. That is not to say Bévort will not sink her teeth into a solo. On the contrary, there is plenty of fire in her more expansive excursions, but the overriding impression here is one of tempered lyricism that draws from deep wells.”

– Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz, July 22nd 2021

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