Discography as Band Leader

‘Småt Brændbart’ solo project. Release sept. 8th 2022.

”Småt Brændbart” is a special edition – a vinyl with a 12 page booklet only printet in 250 numbered pieces.
Music and texts by Pernille Bévort, photos by Pernille Bévort and layout by Niklas Antonsen, Notation.

This release is a follow up to the release ‘Gopler og andre Urovækkende Fænomener’ from 2019.

The music is created as a DIY-project, where saxophonist Pernille Bévort mixes her many wind instruments with field recordings, spoken word and once in a while also mixes it with beats.
It’s a sort of sound-poem–universe complimented by a strong graphic aspect.
It is released on vinyl to celebrate the texture and warm acoustic sound of vinyl, the sounds of wood and air through instruments, and to have the advantage of the big cover and booklet format. I want to celebrate the feeling when you touch and handle the physical vinyl – unpack, unfold, smell, hear the crackling paper – in other words the whole experience of sensing.
The release contains my acoustic and graphical imprint of impressions, and it also reflects our mutual inspiration.
Dusty decay and sometimes alarming sounds as omens of impending destruction or just a slightly disturbed presence in life mixed with joyful wonder.
Acoustical and visual fragments of a diary.

Thanks to KODA Kultur and Danish Arts Foundation for supporting this production.

‘Live 2020-2021’ with my trio Bévort 3

Release feb. 18th 2022
You can order the Cd here:
Bévort 3 (CD) (gatewaymusicshop.dk)


EnsembleRadio Bévort
Radio Bévort Live 2002-2003 EP
Release date: 1.10.2021
Pernille Bévort Live 1999 – EP
Release date: 13.8.2021
EnsembleBévort 3
On Fire
Release date: 21.5.2021
EnsembleBévort 3
Theme for Ernie – single
Release date: 22.3.2021
EnsembleBévort 3
LOOZE single edit
Release date: 19.2.2021


EnsembleRadio Bévort
Bebiandi – single
Release date: 11.9.2020
EnsembleRadio Bévort
BLIK – Album
Release date: 11.5.2020
EnsembleRadio Bévort
BLIK – single
Release date: 14.4.2020


Gopler og andre Urovækkende Fænomener
Catalog number: BEVORT05
Release date: 7.5.2019


EnsembleRadio Bévort
Radio Bévort: “Which Craft?” June 17th 2016
Catalog number: BEVORTCD04
Release date: 17.6.2016


EnsembleBévort 3
Trio Temptations
Catalog number: BEVORTCD03
Release date: 26.1.2014


EnsembleRadio Bévort
Perfect Organization
Catalog number: BEVORTCD0102
Release date: 14.6.2011


Catalog number: Cali079
Release date: 1.1.2007


EnsembleRadio Bévort
Radio Bévort
Catalog number: Calibrated 029
Release date: 8.4.2006


Catalog number: Music Mecca CD 4081-2
Release date: 15.3.2005


EnsembleRadio Bévort
My Shop
Catalog number: Cope Records COPECD 088
Release date: 20.6.2004


Who’s Blue?
Catalog number: Dragon Records DRCD 360
Release date: 21.2.2002
Back In Business
Catalog number: Storyville Records STCD 4225
Release date: 1.1.2002


Catalog number: Music Mecca CD 2038-2
Release date: 9.9.1997