RADIO BÉVORT: “WHICH CRAFT?” released June 17th 2016
“There’s long been the feeling that Bévort’s talents deserve greater acclaim and much wider exposure. Which Craft?, another compelling addition to her impressive discography, once more makes the case for Bévort as an original composer/arranger and a fine instrumentalist. Her craft, rooted in tradition yet of subtly contemporary outlook, is definitely worth tuning in to. ” – Ian Patterson, All About Jazz, dec. 28. 2016

RADIO BÉVORT: “WHICH CRAFT?” released June 17th 2016
The very first review of the new Cd “Which Craft?” arrived on the releaseday June 17th 2016.
Here is a short extract:
“It´s apparent that Bévort joyfully makes use of the different possibilities she has as composer and arranger when it comes to the many possible combinations of instruments in this ensemble. She shows both overview and reserve of strength. The release is a remarkable and particular delight”
It’s possible to read the whole review here (It’s in Danish)
   – Jazznyt.blogspot, Niels Overgård

The next review was published a few days later on June 21st 2016:
Here is a short extract:
“It´s a release that shows thought-through integrity and where the melodies are in focus…..the lovely «Heavy Feather» could almost sound like the score for a film…….Altogether «Which Craft?» is a fine release definitely worth listening to from a Danish musician that ought to have far more concerts booked in her calendar – not just in the Copenhagen area but also in Norway, Sweden and Finland”
It’s possible to read the whole review here (it’s in Norwegian):
–, Jan Granlie

Interview published in the Danish Jazz Magazine Jazz Special aug. 2014:
This is an interview published in the danish jazz magazine august 2014. It’s written in Danish. You can read the whole article here….

A couple of quotes from the latest reviews:

“..Trio Temptations/stands out as one of Bévort’s very best recordings. Simple in concept perhaps, but the sophisticated arrangements and the vibrant trio dialogues make for compelling listening.”
-Ian Patterson,, February 6 th 2014. Read the whole review…..

“Bévort seems to avoid technical fireworks for their own sake, focusing instead on imbuing each piece with distinct character…..this trio can play lean and abstract or dense and bluesy as it likes, piano or not”                    – Mark Gilbert, Jazz Journal spring 2014

“Trio Temptations is impressive and rather intense…it’s a generous statement from Pernille Bévort. A release from a saxophonist who refers to the legends but now has reached an age and maturity where she naturally blends her Danish background and the history of jazz in a spectacular way”     – Niels Overgård, 5. february 2014

Interview in All About Jazz by Ian Patterson february 2014

Anmeldelse af Trio Temptations fra Jazzspecial apr-maj 2014

Anmeldelse af Trio Temptations fra Dig Jazz i Sverige marts 2014

“….pictorial music saturated with emotion…it seems to keep on revealing beautiful andfascinating details …”
Thorbjørn Sjøgren, Jazzspecial June 2011

“The double CD Perfect Organization pitches Bévort with the equally versatile bandoneon player, Marcelo Nisinman in a vibrant exploration of tango nuevo and jazz, which impresses as much for its subtle layers as for the soaring improvisations. Her affinity for tango and empathetic understanding with Nisinman results in music which flows effortlessly, though never predictably………What is perfect? Arguably nothing, but this is as close as it gets”
Ian Patterson, Allaboutjazz, USA, september 2011

Wiev the whole article here…

…..”There were plenty of opportunities for comparing musicians as Thilo, Hans Ulrik, Pernille Bévort and Jan Harbeck……It’s interesting to mention that Pernille Bévort time after time created the most interesting phrases”
Thomas Michelsen, Politiken July 2009

Reviews as a Band Leader

CV Pernille Bévort English
CV Pernille Bévort  Danish

Bévort 3 English
Bévort 3 Danish

Radio Bévort w. Cali Dansk 
Radio Bévort w. Francesco Cali English

Anmeldelser af Radio Bévort: Perfect Organization, på dansk, fra sommeren 2011:

JazzNyt Blog Spot Juni 2011
Politiken Juli 2011
Jazzspecial Juli 2011

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