Bévort 3

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Pernille Bévort: Saxophones
Morten Ankarfeldt: Bass
Espen Laub von Lillienskjold: Drums

Latest album with Bévort 3, 'On Fire', (May 2021) has just been nominated for at Danish Music Awards Jazz in the category 'Album of the Year'. (Oct. 28th 2021).

February 18th 2022 we are releasing another new album with the trio. This album ’Bévort 3 Live 2020-2021’ is a follow-up to the studio album ‘On Fire’.

The new album ’Bévort 3 Live 2020-2021’ is a live recording with selected tracks from two different concerts in Copenhagen.
The first of them took place at Jazz Club Montmartre Dec. 5th 2020 and the other one at ‘Skuespilhuset’s Foyer July 16th 2021.

So this music is absolutely fresh. It is recorded live on stage as it actually took place in front of a live audience and with very limited possibilities to edit anything afterwards (only definite/regular cut outs was possible). You hear the trio in intimate and imaginative live communication always ready to take chances - honest, in the moment, present and creative.

The album ‘On Fire’ (released May 2021) has been very well received by reviewers and listeners. The album inclusive it’s special single has received more than 692000 streams on Spotify by now (Nov. 29th 2021) and Pernille’s numbers of monthly listeners is now close to 63.000 on Spotify.

The new trio album ‘On Fire’ just received a beautiful review from Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz:
“The saxophonist’s catchy heads are a springboard for her improvisations, as on the cantering opener “LOOZE,” where she serves early notice of both her formidable technique and the alluring storytelling craft common to the best improvisors.”

“Bévort tends to make every note count, striving for emotional effect over more facile pyrotechnic display. That is not to say Bévort will not sink her teeth into a solo. On the contrary, there is plenty of fire in her more expansive excursions, but the overriding impression here is one of tempered lyricism that draws from deep wells.”

– Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz, July 22nd 2021
The whole review

We also received a very nice review in the Danish Magazine Jazzspecial, June 2021 - written by T.S. Høeg.
Here is a short summary:
“Her playing is authoritative, cool and not least beautiful”…..
“She’s got her own unique pondus (weight)”

The whole review is here (in Danish)

About the trio

A lot of the great tenor players have made the trio format a classic within jazz: Sonny Rollins, Joe Lovano and Joe Henderson, just to mention a few.

It’s always a challenge to perform with no chord instrument in the line-up, since the musicians need to imply the chords in their playing and they need to communicate very careful with each other. On the other hand this very open format also gives the musicians a lot of possibilities to interpret and to change the direction in the music, together and with short notice. This makes it a very funny “playground” to work within, and it is also interesting for the listener to follow the ride.

Bévort 3 is focusing on good melodies, on vivid communication and sometimes on groovy and bluesy stuff as well. They play with energy, attentiveness and curiosity always ready to take a chance. Bévort 3 is a truly powerful, responsive and dynamic unit. The individual sounds and skills from the musicians blend together very colorful when they perform.
All three members of the trio are experienced jazz musicians with a wide range of activities on the Danish Jazz Scene and with many recordings on their respective C.V’s
They have all performed with acknowledged international jazz artist - in saxophonist Pernille Bévort’s case artists such as: Randy Brecker, Tim Hagans, Putte Wickmann and Tony Coe.

At this moment (June 29th 2021) the music has been added to the following curated playlists:

Trio Temptations (Released 2014)

"..Trio Temptations/stands out as one of Bévort's very best recordings. Simple in concept perhaps, but the sophisticated arrangements and the vibrant trio dialogues make for compelling listening.”
-Ian Patterson, Allaboutjazz.com, February 6 th 2014. Read the whole review.....

Bévort seems to avoid technical fireworks for their own sake, focusing instead on imbuing each piece with distinct character…..this trio can play lean and abstract or dense and bluesy as it likes, piano or not”                    – Mark Gilbert, Jazz Journal spring 2014

“Trio Temptations is impressive and rather intense…it’s a generous statement from Pernille Bévort. A release from a saxophonist who refers to the legends but now has reached an age and maturity where she naturally blends her Danish background and the history of jazz in a spectacular way”     – Niels Overgård, Jazznyt.blogspot.com 5. february 2014

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This is a live video from a session in May 2020 in Millfactory Studios in Copenhagen. LOOZE (P.Bévort):

LOOZE live in studio

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On Fire
Release date: 21.5.2021
Theme for Ernie – single
Release date: 22.3.2021
LOOZE single edit
Release date: 19.2.2021
Trio Temptations
Catalog number: BEVORTCD03
Release date: 26.1.2014