First Reviews of “Which Craft?”

The very first review of the new Cd “Which Craft?” arrived on the releaseday June 17th 2016.
Here is a short extract:
“It´s apparent that Bévort joyfully makes use of the different possibilities she has as composer and arranger when it comes to the many possible combinations of instruments in this ensemble. She shows both overview and reserve of strength. The release is a remarkable and particular delight”
It’s possible to read the whole review here (It’s in Danish)   – Jazznyt.blogspot, Niels Overgård

The next review was published a few days later on June 21st 2016:
Here is a short extract:
“It´s a release that shows thought-through integrity and where the melodies are in focus…..the lovely «Heavy Feather» could almost sound like the score for a film…….Altogether «Which Craft?» is a fine release definitely worth listening to from a Danish musician that ought to have far more concerts booked in her calendar – not just in the Copenhagen area but also in Norway, Sweden and Finland”
It’s possible to read the whole review here (it’s in Norwegian):
–, Jan Granlie


New release with Radio Bévort june 17th 2016
Label: Gateway Music

In 2011 bandleader Pernille Bévort released the double-Cd ”Perfect Organization” with her big ensemble Radio Bévort featuring the internationally recognized bandoneon player Marcelo Nisinman. This release received a lot of positive reviews:
”Bévort and Nisinman’s accomplishment is to merge tango and jazz in passionate embrace to the point where the seam fails to show. On Perfect Organization it sounds as if the two idioms were always meant for each other. What is perfect? Arguably nothing, but this is as close as it gets”                                      – By Ian Patterson. Published on All About Jazz. Sep. 22nd 2011.

“..pictorial music saturated with emotion….it seems to keep on revealing beautiful and fascinating details”…                                       – Thorbjørn Sjøgren, Jazzspecial June 2011

Now bandleader Pernille Bévort has written and arranged a string of new tunes for this colorful, interesting ensemble and this release is Pernille’s 10th release as bandleader/composer. You can find links to itunes etc under Discography…….

Radio Bévort is a colorful ensemble where different nationalities, inspirations and instruments meet. The compositions are inspired by diverse genres of music and indeed by life itself. In the music you can feel the flavor of tango and jazz and also find very free passages combined with very thoroughly written arrangements.
The band’s line-up is rather unconventional with a rhythm section of drums, bass, guitar and accordion/piano combined with 4 woodwinds that “doubles”. This combined with the different compositions and arrangements composed especially for this ensemble, gives the group a special sound with a timbre colored by the woodwind arrangements and the accordion/piano.

In the line-up you find some of the best musicians on the Danish jazz scene of today: Pernille Bévort: tenor- and soprano saxophone; Mariane Bitran: C flute and alto flute; Kasper Wagner: clarinet, alto- and soprano saxophone; Pelle Fridell: bass clarinet and tenor saxophone; Mads Kjølby: guitar; Francesco Cali: accordion and piano; Morten Ankarfeldt: acoustic and electric bass; Bjørn Heebøll: drums

Tracks: Bevarro, Second Pit Stop, Heavy Feather, Minor Details, Nine is Fine, Exit Engelsholm, Who’s Got it?, The Band is On, Tiny Hesitation, Witch Craft, Epilogue – Celebrating Skeleton (all compositions/arrangements by Bévort)

It’s possible to hear short excerpts of the music here:

New release in the making

Last saturday Radio Bévort (my octet) finished our recording session.
We ended with a live session in front of an audience at The Village in Vanløse.
I look so much forward to this release. 10 new compositions played by my wonderful and amazing musicians.
“Radio Bévort” is a colourful ensemble and this time in an octet version which gives me a lot of possibilities as composer/arranger.
And I’m also very happy to annouce that the release concert will take place at the legendary jazz club Montmartre in Copenhagen June 17th 2016. (See my calendar).
We recorded the music a week ago live in studio, me end my big ensemble “Radio Bévort”, (april 28. and 29.).
Now I’m mixing the selected tracks during the next couple of days (may 9,10 and 12)
A couple of photos from the live session – (taken by my son Anders Bévort):
Pernillekoncert (1 of 1)-2




Pernillekoncert (3 of 24)






Apart from that project I have been asked to write new music for a Festival in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen – for a sextet. It’s very inspiring to have these different “assignments” in my schedule –  and hopefully there will be more to come…..

Summer, concerts

Summer means Festival time and I’m going to play at several of the Festivals in Denmark and Sweden this summer.
Other news: Since May I have been a regular member of the Swedish professional big band Monday Night Big Band (in Malmø) – I’ll be playing the 1. st tenor saxophone, and that’s a great pleasure (among others there are usually some nice solos in that part).
For further info about concerts coming up you can visit my “calendar”

Concert coming up

Concerts February……
7th Blågårds Apotek 21:00 with Bévort 3
9th Paradise Jazzcafe 21:00 with New Music Orchestra
14th Pakhuset Nykøbing Sj 12:00 with Bévort 3
17th Dexter Odense 20:00 with New Music Orchestra
19th Gladsaxe Jazzklub, Bibliografen Bagsværd with the DR Big Band on tour
20th Farum Jazzklub, Ellegården Farum with the DR Big Band on tour
21st Valby Jazzklub, Valby Kulturhus with the DR Big Band on tour
22nd Hillerød Kamæleon concert 14:00 with Musik, Eventyr og Unoder
22nd Kvarterhuset Amager 17:00 with the DR Big Band on tour
22nd Kvarterhuset Amager 20:00 with the DR Big Band on tour

25th Jive Vejle 19:30 with The Orchestra presenting Waidtløws new Cd
26 Kvarterhuset, Amager CPH 20:00 with The Orchestra presenting Waidtløws new Cd

Happy New Year!

Here is a short retrospect of 2014. (Trying to remember it all….)

I released the trio Cd ”Trio Temptations” with my own trio.
Two other Cd’s that I perform on was released as well:
”Akrostik” with the Pierette Ensemble and
”Money” with the big band The Orchestra feat. Tuva Semmingsen
I was also part of recording with this great big band feat. Jeff Ballard and Claus Waidtløw. This recording will be released in february 2015.

My trio Cd received very positive reviews in both Denmark and abroad.
I was interviewed by Ian Patterson from All About Jazz, and I was interviewed by the Danish Jazz magazine Jazz Special (find the interviews under news)

I composed a lot of new music in 2014 for different ensembles:
”Heavy Feather” performed by the big band New Music Orchestra.
”Fonetiske Frustrationer” and ”Gopler 1” performed by a special ImpraFestival Ensemble.
”Witch-Craft” performed by a saxophonequartet feat. Marilyn Mazur.
Together with Lisbeth Diers and Sissel Vera Pettersen I performed 50 minutes of new music that was broadcasted live in Radio Jazz: (”Ivory”, ”Violet Plum”, ”Deep Tan Blues” og ”Turquoise”)
I created 2 ”soundscapes” (15 minutes of music) that was part of an exhibition in Aalborg: ”Nyt Land Part 1” og ”Nyt Land Part 2”.

And I played a lot of different concerts with among others my trio and big bands (Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Tivolis Big Band e.t.c.)

New Compositions

In the near future I will have a couple of new compositions performed with different ensembles. On Thursday Nov. 27th at the Impra Festival my new composition “Fonetiske Frustrationer” will be performed by a quintet. Dec. 14th I will have a new saxophone quartet performed feat. Marilyn Mazur on percussion – “Witch-Craft”.
I’m part of both ensembles – and I’m looking forward.
See my Calendar for more details.

Concerts with Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band

We are having a little tour with the Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band in november. Concerts at Montmartre, Copenhagen oct 31st and nov 1st. Then we visit Dexter Odense nov 2nd and Taastrup Medborgerhus nov 4th.
In the end of this month I’ll have a new piece performed during a minor Impra festival nov 27th. More details can be found under “concerts”…..