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Jazzlegatet 2022 – Årets Orkester

Me and my trio was warded the Jazzlegatet as ensemble of the year as part of the Danish Music Award Event on dec. 7th 2022 in Musikhuset Aarhus.
An event where we were also nominated with our album ‘Live 2020-2021’, and where we also performed on stage.
We are very happy and we look forward to create more music for our audience.


Releases 8. sept. 2022SMÅT BRÆNDBART

”Småt Brændbart” is a special edition – a vinyl with a 12 page booklet only printet in 250 numbered pieces.
Music and text by Pernille Bévort, photos by Pernille Bévort and layout by Niklas Antonson, Notation.
This release is a follow up to the release ‘ Gopler og andre Urovækkende Fænomener’ from 2019.
The music is created as a DIY-project, where saxophonist Pernille Bévort mixes her many wind instruments with field recordings, spoken word and once in a while also mixes it with beats.
It’s a sort of sound-poem–universe complimented by a strong graphic aspect.
You can (pre)order this vinyl here:
Gateway Music

Bévort 3 Live 2020-2021 – released 18.feb. 2022 – First Reviews

Chris Baber from Jazz Views, Juni 2022:
“This is free jazz that will appeal to anyone who like music; even those who think that they are afraid of the wilder edges of the genre. This is because each player seeks a balance between the improvised and the immediate, capturing and maintaining the listeners attention with a continually fresh supply of hooks to draw in the listener and a continually switch in tempo to maintain interest and enthusiasm. In all, a masterclass in how to make the most of the sax trio format.” – The whole review

Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz 23. januar 2022:
”Bévort is essentially a composer who improvises, with melodic and rhythmic lines serving as both points of departure and guiding lights along the way.”
“Bévort’s regular rhythm team of bassist Morten Ankarfeldt and drummer Espen Laub von Lillienskjold provide finely attuned accompaniment to the saxophonist’s rhythmically supple, melodically framed forays.”
“what is most striking about this impressive live set is just how distinctive her own voice is, even when drawing upon a time-honored lingua franca.”
Bévort 3: Live 2020-2021 album review @ All About Jazz

Hiruki Sugita i Jazz Japan Januar 2022:
“Man fornemmer at bandlederen hviler i en selvtillid, som trækker på en forankring i historien, hvor hun har det hele med i sin approach til triobesætningen – alle de forskellige tilgange, lige fra det mere konventionelle til det frie. Det er et indholdsrigt album, som viser trioen som en stærk sammenspillet enhed.”

Jan Granlie 28. januar 2022 på Salt Peanuts:
”Den gode trioen Bévort 3 har med denne liveinnspillingen laget en utmerket plate som bør få oppmerksomhet både i Danmark og resten av verden. Det tar en låt fra Bévort er helt der oppe, men når hun når dit, så forblir hun der resten av platen. Solid håndverk fra tre utmerkede, danske musikere!” https://salt-peanuts.eu/record/bevort-3/

Sebastian Chosinski, ‘Esensja’ (Poland,17. feb. 2022) ‘If Coltrane Was a Woman’: https://esensja.pl/muzyka/recenzje/tekst.html?id=31978

Alexander Agrell 17. februar 2022, Sydsvenskan:
“Gentle and raw; melodic and pulsating. This applies to both the whole and to Pernille Bévort’s own playing on soprano and tenor saxophones, which covers the entire scale from muscular to soft and very beautiful.”

Ivan Rod, Gaffa den 18. februar 2022:
” Generelt emmer musikken på albummet af rutineret tyngde, ægte engagement og en let og forfriskende nysgerrig tilgang til kunsten som sådan. Musikken er rundet af en særegen rå kraft og glæde. Og giver af samme grund mindelser om liveindspilninger af koryfæer som Sonny Rollins og John Coltrane.”
” Men vigtigst af alt: Hun har noget på hjerte. Der er en autenticitet og en åbenlyst afklaret ro over Bévorts materiale og dets forløsning i disse år. I sig selv en gave for os andre.”

SKJAZZ – Slovenien, Patrick Spanko, 5 april 2022:
” “….the spirit of those legendary saxophone trios from the 1950s and 1960s comes to life (Sonny Rollins, Lee Konitz, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler …). Including a stylistic range, which is still practically inexhaustible.”
“….it’s an exciting mix of strong melodies, juicy rhythms, changeable dynamics and imaginative solos.” https://skjazz.sk/news/showNew/cd-bevort-3-live-2020-2021?

You can order the Cd here:
Bévort 3 (CD) (gatewaymusicshop.dk)

I was recently interviewed by Donna Schwartz (LA) for this very nice saxophone podcast that she creates.
Episode 126 is now up everywhere you hear podcasts and also on YouTube (March 3rd 2022).
We talked about: People that inspired me the most; Conceiving your saxophone sound; How to be in the moment when performing; Keeping technique on point; How I manage practice time (well, do I?); My role in a Septet vs Trio; Finding your own voice:


Beautiful review – All About Jazz

Our new trio album ‘On Fire’ just received a beautiful review from Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz:
“The saxophonist’s catchy heads are a springboard for her improvisations, as on the cantering opener “LOOZE,” where she serves early notice of both her formidable technique and the alluring storytelling craft common to the best improvisors.”

“Bévort tends to make every note count, striving for emotional effect over more facile pyrotechnic display. That is not to say Bévort will not sink her teeth into a solo. On the contrary, there is plenty of fire in her more expansive excursions, but the overriding impression here is one of tempered lyricism that draws from deep wells.”

– Ian Patterson, AllAboutJazz, July 22nd 2021

The whole review

Spotify Playlists

Right now you can find some of my newest music on these seven curated Spotify playlists dedicated to the best international jazz of today.
I like that – music with my trio Bévort 3 and my septet Radio Bévort.

3 singles released

3 singles with my trio Bévort 3 are now released and I’m looking forward to releasing the whole album ‘On Fire’ with the trio on may 21st.
These 3 singles were added to several Spotify playlists and has already gained a lot of streams (‘Jazz X-Press’; ‘Women of Jazz’; ‘Late Night Jazz’; ‘Saxophone Today’ among others).

Honorary award

I’m happy to announce that april 11th 2021 I received an honorary award from the Danish Conductors Association (an association of conductors and band leaders).