Radio Bévort

One of my main bands

Our latest release: "Which Craft?" (June 17th 2016).

Radio Bévort is a colorful ensemble where different nationalities, inspirations and instruments meet. The compositions are inspired by diverse genres of music and indeed by life itself. In the music you can feel the flavor of tango and jazz and also find very free passages combined with very thoroughly written arrangements.
The band’s line-up is rather unconventional with a rhythm section of drums, bass, guitar and accordion/piano combined with 4 woodwinds that “doubles”. This combined with the different compositions and arrangements composed especially for this ensemble, gives the group a special sound with a timbre colored by the woodwind arrangements and the accordion/piano.

In the line-up you find some of the best musicians on the Danish jazz scene of today:
Pernille Bévort: tenor- and soprano saxophone
Mariane Bitran: C flute and alto flute
Kasper Wagner: alto saxophone and clarinet (soprano saxophone)
Pelle Fridell: tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Francesco Cali: accodion and piano
Mads Kjølby: guitar
Morten Ankarfeldt: bass
Bjørn Heebøll: drums

Here you can listen to small excerpts from the new release:

RADIO BÉVORT was originally formed by bandleader Pernille Bévort in 2003 and from 2008 to 2011 Marcelo Nisinman on the bandoneon performed a number of times as a featured guest with this ensemble.

The double CD "Perfect Organization" from 2011 documents this collaboration.






Radio Bévort: “Which Craft?” June 17th 2016
Catalog number: BEVORTCD04
Release date: 17.6.2016
Perfect Organization
Catalog number: BEVORTCD0102
Release date: 14.6.2011
Radio Bévort
Catalog number: Calibrated 029
Release date: 8.4.2006
My Shop
Catalog number: Cope Records COPECD 088
Release date: 20.6.2004