Gopler og andre Urovækkende Fænomener

Catalog number: BEVORT05
Release date: 07.05.2019


”Gopler og andre Urovækkende Fænomener” is a special edition – a vinyl with a 12 page booklet only printet in 350 pieces.
Music by Pernille Bévort and illustrations by Jeppe Grangaard.

The project also has a dedicated site here:

This release is the result of several years of cooperation and mutual inspiration between the two makers.

The music is created as a DIY-project, where saxophonist Pernille Bévort mixes her many wind instruments with field recordings and once in a while also mixes it with beats.
It’s a sort of sound-poem–universe complimented by a strong graphic aspect.
It is released on vinyl to celebrate the texture and warm acoustic sound of vinyl, the sounds of wood and air through instruments, and to have the advantage of the big cover and booklet format. We want celebrate the feeling when you touch and handle the physical vinyl – unpack, unfold, smell, hear the crackling paper – in other words the whole experience of sensing.
The release contains our acoustic and graphical imprint of impressions and it reflects our mutual inspiration. Large brushstrokes and sometimes alarming sounds as omens of impending destruction or just a slightly disturbed presence in life mixed with joyful wonder.
Acoustical and visual fragments of a diary.